Bye, bye Thailand! Berlin in sight!

Bangkok/Berlin. For the time being Jan Kaulfuhs-Berger (48) leaves his Thailand domicile on October 31, 2016, heading to Berlin. The founder of “elements of journalism”, a press agency based both in Germany as well as in Thailand, takes over the responsibility of “Hebezeuge Fördermittel”. The well-respected trade magazine is published bei HUSS MEDIEN Berlin und focus on technical logistics matters.


jak – 2016

Jakarta. To ensure efficient logistics processes for its distribution centres on the island of Java, the Indonesian company PT Enseval relies on “German-made” expertise from Jungheinrich, the Hamburg-based intralogistics specialist.

Pre Agusta Siswantoro puts it in a nutshell: “You can’t say you know how to handle the entire logistics chain until you’ve done it in Indonesia!” The world’s largest island state is home to almost 240 million inhabitants and boasts more than 6,000 populated islands dotting the equator. “Timely and high-quality logistics in this country can only be achieved with the help of a high core competence in logistics.“ Pre Agusta Siswantoro should know what he is talking about – after all, he heads Supply Chain division of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, which in turn owns 90 percent of PT Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk, Indonesia’s largest pharmaceuticals distributor.

PT Enseval was formed in 1973 and since then has been a success story in distributing pharmaceutical products and medical equipment as well as end products in the food and health care industry. Listed on the stock exchange since 1994, the company also trades in raw materials for medicines and cosmetics. PT Enseval generates annual sales of around USD 120 million and employs some 5,000 staff in 42 offices from one end of the country to the other – from Banda Aceh in northern Sumatra to Jayapura in Papua.

“A good 18,000 pallets are handled here every month,“

Over the years the company has built up its own infrastructure. The logistics processes are managed in two regional distribution centres on the island of Java – one in Surabaya in the east and the other in Jakarta in the west. “About 80 percent of the total distribution is accounted for by our distribution centre in Jakarta,” relates Agusta Pre Siswantoro, who is also Director of Logistics at PT Enseval.

Here in the Indonesian capital city some 40 lorries are loaded and unloaded every day – during peak periods this means around 800 lorries a month. The distribution centre covers 12,000 square metres of space and holds 16,000 pallets. The dwell time of the goods is – statistically – less than a month. “We reckon that on average a good 18,000 pallets are handled here every month,“ says Irwan Dwi Suryanto, Warehouse Manager at PT Enseval’s distribution centre in Jakarta.

To overcome the logistical challenges of distributing goods throughout the country while maintaining high quality standards, PT Enseval relies on professional support for its warehouse-based intralogistics processes. “For 15 years Jungheinrich has demonstrated its outstanding partner qualities,” comments Irwan Dwi Suryanto. “The cooperation between our companies is very, very good – starting with the quality of the trucks, to the technical advice and professional after-sales service.”

The latter is indispensable for PT Enseval’s operations, bearing in mind the Indonesian archipelago’s more than 6,000 inhabited islands, he adds. “Absolutely reliable after-sales service is indispensable – including here in South East Asia,” confirms Desmond Lam, Sales Director at Jungheinrich Lift Truck Singapore Pte Ltd. “Preventive maintenance and forklift inspections are the key to avoiding unplanned downtimes.”

Reach Trucks: Ergonomic and Easy and Intuitive to Operate

A whole range of industrial trucks from Jungheinrich operates in PT Enseval’s distribution centre in Jakarta. In addition to pedestrian stackers and pallet trucks, this includes a number of reach trucks and narrow aisle stackers. Right at the outset of the warehouse tour, Irwan Dwi Suryanto sings the praises of the forklifts and their high quality. On the one hand the robustness of the Jungheinrich trucks, on the other their ergonomic, easy and above all intuitive operation. “That is what convinced us,” says the logistics expert. That is absolutely crucial here, because PT Enseval’s distribution centre in Jakarta has a workforce of some 220 employees and operates flat out, six days a week, from dawn to dusk.

The goods are delivered by truck and taken up the ramp to the incoming goods area, where they are checked, given a barcode, scanned and logged in the warehouse management system, which assigns a storage location. Fast moving goods with short dwell periods go to the wide aisle warehouse. The WMS sends the storage job instruction to the handheld terminal of the relevant industrial truck driver.

More power, less consumption

Jungheinrich ETV 214 reach trucks handle transportation in the wide aisle warehouse. These trucks were launched in early 2011 in a radical new design. “One of the main features of this reach truck is the up to ten percent higher throughput performance compared with earlier models,” explains Desmond Lam. This higher handling performance is due primarily to the increased lifting and lowering speeds as well as significantly improved acceleration.

“In addition, the large, ergonomic, well-equipped driver’s cockpit also impressed us,” asserts Irwan Dwi Suryanto. The impressive features include a comfort seat with adjustable seating position and backrest as well as adjustment to accommodate body weight. The most important controls are within easy reach, without the driver having to shift his grip. Irwan Dwi Suryanto smiles and says, “As has already been said: ergonomic, easy and above all intuitive operation.”

Kombi Stacker: Excellent Visibility of Aisle and Load

Goods with a longer dwell time are transported to PT Enseval’s narrow aisle warehouse. Here EKX 515k electric order picker/trilateral trucks – in short Kombi stackers – ensure efficient storage and retrieval. In Jungheinrich’s Kombi stackers, too, robustness, ergonomics and comfort are balanced holistically. Keyword ergonomics: the driver accesses the spacious cabin through a generous sized entrance. Thanks to the low swivelling, sideshift guidance and clear-view masts, the driver has excellent visibility of aisle and load. “Ideal conditions for working with these trucks,” is how both Irwan Dwi Suryanto and Desmond Lam sum up the benefits.

In one aspect the two experts continue to hold different opinions: on the issue of speed. While the Jungheinrich reach trucks can zip through PT Enseval’s distribution centre at up to 14 km/h, the Kombi stackers can “only” reach 10.5 km/h. Desmond Lam resolves the apparent contradiction. “In the much more spacious, wide aisle warehouse the reach trucks can fully exploit the advantage of speed as well as acceleration. However, speed is not necessarily of the essence in a narrow aisle warehouse, where compact design comes to the fore, translating into a smaller warehouse footprint.”

Nonetheless, Irwan Dwi Suryanto would still like to further optimise the storage and retrieval processes in the narrow aisle warehouse at PT Enseval’s distribution centre. While saying this he looks at Desmond Lam with an expression which is at once half sceptical and half hopeful. “Tell you what,” replies Desmond Lam, “I’ll invite you to come to Hanover for CeMAT 2014. There we can show you how the Jungheinrich WMS speeds up and optimises processes in a narrow aisle warehouse.” On leaving the warehouse, Irwan Dwi Suryanto says quietly, but for all to hear: “Jungheinrich has always come up with the best solution for us.” The logistics specialist from Indonesia can now hardly wait for CeMAT in Hanover.

jak – 2013

Bangkok/Jomtien. Again and again heavy rain in Thailand between August and October 2016. Partially knee-deep water was found in the streets. But tourists pain is the people pleasure: During the last twelve month the South-Eastasian country saw – by comparison – a dramatical rainfall deficit. Due to this, even the traditional “water battles” during the Buddhist New Year (Sonkran = water festival) in April was embanked in some areas upcountry.

München/Berlin/Bangkok/Seminyak. End of Oktober 2016, „elements of journalism“ went online. The web presence mainly acts as an international news channel with focus on logistics topics. Furthermore it gives a view behind the scenes – especially of Europe and Asia. „element of journalism“ is was mainly produced in Asia (picture: production process in Seminayk/Indonesien).