Change in Board of Management at Jungheinrich

The new Board member for Marketing and Sales at Jungheinrich AG will be Christian Erlach (56) as of 1 September 2018. He began his career at Jungheinrich in 2007 as the Managing Director of Jungheinrich Austria and has been a Regional Director at Jungheinrich AG since 2013, successively managing the South-Eastern Europe, South America and South Africa regions.

As part of the targeted preparations for the planned handover of the Chair of the Board of Management in 2019, the former Board member for Marketing and Sales, Dr Lars Brzoska (45), will be taking on the vacant Technology seat from 1 September 2018. He has been very successful in his role as Board member for Marketing and Sales, which he took over in 2014.

Hans-Georg Frey will stand for election to the Supervisory Board in 2019, following his resignation as Chairman of the Board of Management. The current Supervisory Board Chairman, Jürgen Peddinghaus, will resign his seat in 2019. Mr Frey will succeed him in this position, in accordance with the wishes of the shareholder families Wolf and Lange.

There will be no changes to the remaining Board of Management seats.